I.D liner

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The I.D liner is specifically designed for lining from single needle to 18 round liners.

A lot of time has been spent on testing new motors specifically for this machine. It's light in weight and boasts lots of power and speed making this the perfect combination for a small light weight liner for all aspects of tattooing.

- Works with standard needles or cartridges.
- Ali versions weighs: 3.38oz (92 grams).
- Brass version weighs: 6.14oz(174 grams).
- 3.5mm cam (pushes singles to 9L)
- 4.2mm cam (pushes singles up to 18RL)
- 6v micro motor which is fast and punchy like a liner should be.
- Optimal running voltage 3.5-6v

Tensioners for this machine can be bought in the "Crane tensioner" section.