Slimline mk2


Image of Slimline mk2

The Mk2 Slimline rotary is the new style of the original machine, but with the updated new cam and stroke system that cuts out previous issues.

This machine is great for line work, packing colour and shade.
- Weight:
Brass 5oz (143 grams)
- 3.5mm stroke (pushes singles to 9L)
- 4.2mm stroke (pushes singles to 18rl)
- 12 volt motor as standard.
- Optimal running speed 5 - 9.5 volts
- Doesn't not come with tensioner but it can be bought in the tensioners section.

UK VAT 20% charge will be added at the check out.


  • Brass 3.5mm without needle tensioner Sold Out
  • Brass 4.2mm without needle tensioner Sold Out
  • Black ali 3.5mm without tensioner
  • Black ali 4.2mm without tensioner Sold Out
  • Pink ali 3.5 Sold Out
  • Pink ali 4.2 Sold Out
  • Purple ali 4.2 Sold Out
  • Golden yellow ali 3.5
  • Golden yellow ali 4.2


Image of Slimline mk2