The RW pen


Image of The RW pen

The Pen machine will do anything you need it to.
Its designed to take cartridge needles and nothing else. Comes with an adjustable needle depth screw. Simple loosen the screw on the side and adjust using the adjustment screw on top then lock it back in place with the first screw. Body can be auto-clavable once machine has been stripped.
- Used for all round tattooing
- Comes in an anodised ali frame running a beautiful high end 12v Faulhaber motor.
- 3.5mm cam ONLY.
- Nicely balanced weight: RCA version 146g/ 5.1 oz. Clipboard version 143g/5oz.
- Optimal voltage range 7-11v.


  • Hot pink rca
  • 1 off pink sanded look rca Sold Out
  • Golden yellow clipcord Sold Out
  • Pink fade orange clipcord Sold Out
  • Green fade yellow clipcord
  • Blood orange fade yellow clipcord
  • Pink clipcord
  • Burnt orange clipcord


Image of The RW pen