The Tron


Due to the covid-19 situation, any machines bought will be delayed by a minimum of 2 weeks starting from the 23rd March 2020.
Once things start to settle down and lock downs are lifted, we will start to get through processing and sending machines.
Depending on your country, there may also be more delays receiving machines due to lock downs.

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Beautifully made by Dale.
A power house of a machine big hitter …
An Ali machine with brass components made for solid colour with big mags and mid to 20 round liners and comes with a needle tensioner as standard but can also be run with elastic bands if preferred.

- Can be run with standard needles and carts.
- Custom 12v motor so nice and smooth and punchy.
- Weights 4.1oz (118g)
- 3.5mm cam (with a 4.2mm throw) so quick and punchy.