Machine aftercare

How to look after your machine:


Make sure the piston is lubricated with suitable lubricant (not petroleum jelly as it will clog the machine up and will not run right).

We recommend 3-in-one oil, which can be found pretty much anywhere, or the equivalent.  

Only a drop in the top of the machine where the piston is will be enough.  Do this and when necessary (starting to look dry or sound a bit noisy) or 1-2 times a week.  

Please don’t add too much oil as it will spill into the bearing and motor and cause running issues or fire.  New motors can be bought on our website: www.rotaryworks.uk.com


Keeping your new Rotary Works machine fresh and new can be very simple by using Brasso to buff it up.




If your machine is sounding loud first make sure the cam hasn’t slipped on the motor spindle.  You can do this by undoing the small m3 grub screw on the side of the cam and moving it up or down until you find the ‘sweet spot’.  It may take a few attempts.

If that hasn’t worked and the noise is still there and there’s also a gristly noise, then the bearing may have blown and will need to be replaced.

With the Springer model, please check the spring as they can break and cause noises and running issues.  Spares can be bought on our website too: www.rotaryworks.uk.com


How to fitting/fixing guides can be found by clicking the link below here on our YouTube channel:


How to fix your plain brass, retro ali, Slimline and Springer Mk2


How to fix your ID Liner


Please contact us via email:




 or our Facebook page to find out if a bearing can be sent to you for repair or whether it needs to be sent to us for the repair.


If the bearing has blown and you keep running the machine, the nipple will begin to move from side to side and wear the guide down and this will require a new guide (which you will have to pay for) or a new frame (only older round piston ID liner machines).  We supply all new bearings for free.



Machine service:


We are happy to service your machine for free.  

We charge for parts that are needing to be changed if they are worn and we ask that the postage costs be paid for both ways. (Unless fault is with the machine early in its life where we will not charge).


We ship using Royal Mail.


£7.00  next working day-UK

£20 international tracked/signed for the rest of the world.


We DO NOT offer a machine cleaning service.  This up to the owner of the machine to maintain cleanliness.


Any other questions or queries please feel free to contact us.


Many thanks



Dale and Iain RW