Thunderlord Power & Arena Hawk portable battery pack

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Here we have an add on for the Pen 2. A light weight battery pack that fits onto your RCA connection to provide a cable free way of tattooing made by Thunderlord and Arena Hawk.

*****May not be compatible with other machines******

The Arena Hawk version weighs in at 74g(2.6oz), 6cm long/3.2cm wide and has an analogue voltage system from 5-12v going up in 0.1v increments. Has a battery life image and % for life left. Has 3 buttons, one for on and off and a voltage up and down button.

The Thunderlord version weighs in at 51g(1.8oz), 5cm long/3cm wide so its super small and light.
Has a voltage range of 4-12v going up in 0.2v increments. Has 3 buttons: On/OFF/Start, up and down voltage.

Both come in a box with charging cable and instructions on how to use them.